Our adventure in Holland has come to end, and the traveling amigos are off to London next. I’m not going to lie guys, theres a huge bittersweet knot in my chest. Holland has been kind to us and in this past month, it has become home. I’m excited to continue seeing new places, but I am sad to leave behind the friends we have met here.

I realize reading my previous entries that I haven’t talked much about the people I got to meet or the people who became my small family.

IMG_0802 2.JPGI came into this program only knowing three people. Now I can say that this group of people became like a small family. We were a mix of different grades and different design interests, but the laughs we shared were plenty. We can fill pages of books with our inside jokes and memories and I think that makes this trip a success. I also think Vicky, our professor, did an amazing job setting up this program. Before her, the design students didn’t get a single study abroad opportunity. Hell, we really don’t get much attention back at NAU, but this woman is pushing for good things within the program. We may have driven her a little nuts, but she stuck with us!

Along with this group, we also met some people in hostels. There was a girl who came from South Korea, was studying in Barcelona before she took of to explore Europe, and who had backpacked South America the previous Summer. There was a girl from Norway who patiently answered our questions and took interest in our American experiences. There were two French guys who I’m sure our entire VC group will miss. They were hosts in our first hostel, and they definitely made the Train Lodge more exciting. One night, they set up beer bottles as bowling pins and bowled with us. Another night, one of them came in, grabbed a pillow, and yelled “cushion war!” There was also a guy from Barcelona who was traveling with friends who he met on a study abroad program. So these students from three different countries met up in Amsterdam to backpack together. How rad!

The sites were amazing, the food delicious, but the people are the reason Holland was so amazing. From here on out, we’re staying at Airbnb’s and I know we won’t get the hostel experience of meeting folks from around the world. Hopefully, though, we’ll find some good pubs with locals who aren’t annoyed with curious tourists!


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