In these last couple of days, there has not been a good combination of wifi and time to sit and reflect. So this post will essentially be a quick timeline of the past couple of days and maybe some extra thoughts towards the end.


Wednesday was a free day for everyone and the group decided to stay together for the most part. We had breakfast and headed off to look around the area near our hostel. Under the guise of doing field work, we explored the city until we reached a cute little park. It was right next to the canal, which was a little smelly, and had a beach-y theme. We spent some time there zip lining like 9 year-olds and relaxing under the sun. Next we found a cute little cafe for lunch. Afterwards we decided to find our way home, stopping in little ships of course along the way. I feel like a lot of what our days consist of us food. For example, once we got back to the hostel, we met up with our teacher and then proceeded to making our way to the local grocery store. The day ended with a little picnic in the local park.

Funny story of the day: We bought something that resembled fruit juice–Dutch packaging is a little sketchy. Well, someone in the group drank a little bit of it in the store and we received some awkward looks. She said it tasted like a really thick syrup, and right as she said that a man came by and suggested we add some water to it. It turns out you’re suppose to dilute it with water.

I’m crying. And Laughing.


Thursday morning we decided to check out a local market before heading over to a design studio. We checked out some local boutiques, ate some local sandwiches, and spent the morning walking around a neighborhood called De Pijp. Later in the afternoon we met with Vincent Meertens who is a local Dutch designer. It was interesting because he is essentially a one man designer who teams up with friends to design specific things for clients. Hella rad.


Friday we went to the special collections in the morning and looked at some modern Dutch design. It was amazing! We saw some of the things from our textbooks and suddenly freshman year design history has become more real.


Those of us who are traveling to different countries after this trip finally booked everything for the rest of our trip. I honestly can’t remember what else happened.


We went to the beach! I expected the beach to be rocky, like the ones in the UK, but to our surprise it was sandy and sunny. It was also packed. For example, we wanted to take the direct train to the beach, but literally everyone was packed in like sardines. So we instead decided to do the two stop train ride, which wasn’t so bad and significantly less packed.

The water was cold, the sun was hot, people were handing out free Heineken, and girls were chilling with their boobs out. All in all, I’d say the day was successful sunburn and all.


Goodbye Amsterdam

With that, our week in Amsterdam has come to an end. Next stop Den Haag!


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