…it would be illegal. -Banksy

Today we made our way to the Moco Museum were they had a Banksy and Salvador Dali exhibit. I have been a fan of Banksy for so long, so being able to see some of his stuff was incredible! Dali on the other hand, has some great quotes, but his art style isn’t something I identify with. At least not the stuff that was in the museum.

IMG_2392It was super interesting seeing Bansky’s subject matter. It all has some sort of meaning, from the tiniest graffiti to the giant window panes. It is interesting to think that he wasn’t a fan of consumerism and avidly made fun of people who bought fine art in auctions. However, his graffiti is now so sought after and sells for so much money. He also has posters, t-shirts, mugs, etc. available in museums making him so much money. I wonder how he feels about that fact. I feel like every artist’s dream is to one day be able to live off of their work, but is that the same for a street artist?

Damn consumerism.

After leaving the Moco Museum, we chilled out as a class in the Vondelpark where Van Gogh was said to spend his time. There we talked about the class and what we were expected to do for the next coming weeks. The main topic of the class is typography and culture. Essentially, the Netherlands is really close to Sweden and Switzerland which are both the leading design giants of the world. Both of these design giants lean towards minimalistic design, which means sans serifs versus serifs, bright clean colors, and sleek design. It’s so interesting how an old city with baroque architecture has done so well in integrating with modern styles and technology. The city definitely has it’s own aesthetic.

Today we also went to the sex museum. When is Rome, right? Come to the city of sex, drugs, design, and not spend 5 Euros to go to the sex museum? Unheard of. Anyway, there were definitely some things I could have lived my whole life not seeing. As one of my classmates put it, “we invented nothing.” We have been some kinky-mofos for quite a while now. Don’t believe me? Make your way to the Amsterdam sex museum.

Along with the sex museum, there was also an eco friendly fashion exhibit we went to. Although simple, the entire design of the space was beautiful! Well put together, fun to interact with, and easy to follow. 10 out of 10, would recommend. Also, please be aware of what you are buying.

I think with all of what I saw today I can attest to how important design is in attracting your audience. It’s all rhetoric. You want someone to pay attention and you want to make sure your audience leaves with a message, an idea, or a plan of action. I want to design for good, like the fashion exhibit. I want to make people think, like Banksy. I want to make my subject matter fun, like the sex museum.


I will be a designer, dammit.



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